Being a truck driver is not an easy task.

In this game, you will need to make it to the finish line to some energizing music while overcoming a number of obstacles:volcanic eruptions, deep ravines, narrow gorges and suspension bridges, etc. Sometimes you will also need to really use your head: things are not as easy as they first seem to be! The game has 4 landscapes: forest, desert, urban and geometric abstractions. Each landscape has 14-16 levels. Different types of trucks are also available. A truck must be assembled from parts lying around in the levels. All trucks consist of an under frame, a driver’s cockpit, a body frame and the wheels. All vehicles have different parameters, speed restrictions, jumping capabilities, size, engine output, decelerators and wheels. By collecting bonuses on different levels, you will be able to buy bombs or new trucks. Exploding bombs help you clear the way out for your truck. As a rule, the last level in each environment is a bonus level!

To drive your truck, please use the up and down keys. Moreover, your truck can jump and squat.


The game has the following features:

  • realistic physics
  • fun graphics;
  • a number of different vehicles;
  • a store;
  • extra bonuses
  • bombs.

When playing the game, keep track of time!

enjoy !